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Rocky Mountain Hedgehog Show 2018

   *** This year we've decided to have an abbreviated agility competition. Instead of the full pentathlon of games, we will have only three games - Hurdles, Floor Exercises and Sprint. The first two games were chosen as they do not require run-about balls and less hassles for those traveling any distances. The Race does require a run-about ball for hedgies participating. We will have run-about balls to lend courtesy of Elaine Becker. ***


Agility uses the same age divisions as the conformation show, junior, senior, and adult. Medals are given for males in each category and females in each category. Points are totaled for hedgehogs competing in multiple events and all around medals are awarded for each age/sex division at the close of the event. This show the medals are gold/silver/bronze pawprints with the show name, date and event engraved on the reverse side. EVERY hedgehog will want to win at least one medal. Hedgehogs LOVE to show off their medals!


No equipment is needed for your hedgehog to compete in this event. The course is 7.5 feet long and includes 8 hurdles, starting at 1/2" in height and progressing to 1.5" in height. The hurdles are enclosed between two runs of exercise pen panels to make escape difficult. You are allowed to use anything EXCEPT live insects or another hedgehog as a bribe. You cannot touch your hedgehog while it is running the hurdles but you are allowed to bribe it.

The winner is the hedgehog that moves across all 8 hurdles in the fastest time. There is no penalty - other than the actual time used - for back tracking. In the event that no hedgehog completes the course within the two minute time limit, the hedgehog completing the most hurdles in the fastest time will win.

The record time (as far as I know) was set in 2000. 6.1 seconds!


Floor exercises were meant to be a spoof on Olympic gymnastics competitions. Within the confines of an exercise pen your hedgehog will have 2 minutes to negotiate a group of obstacles. Points are given for the first time the hedgehog correctly negotiates the obstacle. In addition, each hedgehog will earn points for artistic expression. Obstacles include a horse (which the hedgehog should knock over), a foam floor mat, "rings" (a ferret tube elbow), the balance beam (a large teeter totter), and as many other items as we decide to include in the pen. You just need an inquisitive and/or active hedgehog for this game - no special equipment. Once you set your hedgehog in the ring, you cannot touch him/her until the 2 minutes are up. There is no bribing in this event.


Your hedgehog must be in an exercise ball for this event.

This event also uses hamster track. The hedgehog must run in his/her ball the length of the course. Fastest time wins. If no hedgehog completes a full run, the winner is the hedgehog traveling the farthest on the course with the time limit, usually 1 to 2 minutes. Back tracking is not penalized but the clock will continue to run.

The two games we are omitting from this year's competition are:


For this event you must have an exercise ball for your hedgehog.

We use hamtrac to control the movement on this event. You place your hedgehog in his/her ball behind a smaller ball. The object is to push (put) the ball as far as possible on one hit or continuous push. If multiple hedgehogs push the ball the same distance, the one who did so the fastest will be the winner.


Your hedgehog must be in an exercise ball for this event.

The course is a spoof on slalom events in downhill skiing. Obstacles - usually 5 or 6 but more or less depending on space - are placed on the race course. A starting block is positioned at the point farthest from the finish line. The human sets the hedgehog in his/her ball on the starting block and holds the ball there until the start signal. At that point, the hedgehog is released and it can be begin to proceed down the course. There is NO straight line to the finish. Hedgehogs must move around the obstacles to reach the finish line. The hedgehog who finishes the fastest, wins. There is a 2 minute maximum. If no hedgehog finished in under 2 minutes, the hedgehog traveling the farthest in 2 minutes wins the event.

EVERY hedgehog will want to win at least one medal.

Hedgehogs LOVE to show off their medals!