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Rocky Mountain Hedgehog Show 2018

As I write this page, memory goes back almost 23 years and all the hedgies who have come and gone from my care. I loved them all. Each has left their paw print on my heart. I know they watch from over the Bridge and some still guide us even though no longer physically in our presence. Each has offered their own gift and I hope they know they were, and remain, loved as they journey Homeward Bound.

Mom Teresa

Little Bud got renamed when he came in elderly, neglected and with a missing eye - named after my Dad, who is also a scrappy little one eyed guy. He recovered and lived to be 6.

Waffles also came in elderly and in poor shape, but recovered with care to become a delightful Ambassador and win a couple grand champ ribbons.

Both were petite snowflakes, so they competed head to head in the last 2 shows, Waffles winning 1st and going on to win grand champ both times. Little Bud got 2nd. Both were big metal winners at the last Colorado show games.

Hufflepuff - horrible abuse/neglect, could only be helped pass

Hagrid - found his "happy ever after" before suddenly developing cancer

Haymitch - Fly free sweet Haymitch, enjoy running in the Rainbow Meadows with the many who travelled on before. Your pawprints remain in our hearts,

Mom Elaine and Dad Quentin

An icon amongst hedgies, Eulalia with the googley eyes, commanding the Jolly Sea Pog, beloved of Cyndy and Mike Bennett -

Eulalia journeyed over the Rainbow Bridge Sept 3, 2018. She was born March 29, 2012 so she had a long happy life with us and us with her.

In memory of all who have come and gone through the doors of

Quill Shire Hedgehogs

with Love, Shannon Cheeks

Tribute to wonderfully brave boy, Queso. Caregiver Lauro & Andrew

the Canuck Hedgies (plus 1) of Canada

under the care of Dale and John Nastuk -

Star, my kitty                     Hubert 1

Kara                                      Sega

Vinny                                   Noodle

Bryan grand champion

Bella grand champion, best in show, Bryan's daughter

Sebastian, grand champion

Ralphie                               Henry

Hoggie                                Albi

Chewy                                Marty Mcfly

Felix                                    Sonic

Christopher, Pumkin's son

Sweet Lou                            Poe

Mr Sparkle, father of Pumkin

Sherazad, travel companion of Elaine Cote' journeyed with a piece of Elaine's heart only days before the show. She lived and was loved for five and half years.

We raise a glass in fond and loving memories for Joey MacGhille and Kenny Hoggins. Caregiver, Guardian and Mom Su Morrison

Phoebe was the most amazing, loving, gentile, sweet & goofy hedgehog ever. A true rare gem. My very first hedgehog, she meant more to me than anything in the world, my best friend, travel companion everywhere, and cuddler sleeping in my shirt for hours. She wowed everyone who met her with her beauty inside and out.

Mom Victoria

Remembering Ferdinand with fondness, Angela of Hedgehog Haven

Ardley, who's name means "spring meadows", now romping in the meadows over the Rainbow Bridge. Lovingly,

Mom Skylar and Dad Andrew